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Driving with slow coolant leak

Locate the coolant compartment and examine it for leaks. while driving, you'll need to pull over again and refill the radiator with  13 Mar 2018 The water pump is usually pulley driven by the drive belt. Drivers often get whiffs of a sweet smelling steam. I too cannot find any hint of just where it is leaking, but I know it is. Jan 25, 2018 · But I think it's more likely that you are slowly leaking some coolant somewhere. 28 Jan 2018 It may need it after a few days or a few weeks based on how often I drive. There are  What would you do if you have to drive to your destination but have an overheating When driving, ensure that you drive at a slow and steady pace to avoid or you are running low on coolant, or you have a leak in your radiator try not to use  Where and how you are driving when your car overheats can help you diagnose If your antifreeze is leaking, then you may have low levels of coolant in your  29 Jan 2010 This could be evidence of a slow leak in your system. If you're driving 3 hours to your father in-laws to get it fixed you'd better have at least two five gallon plastic Kerosene cans full of water with you. Your vehicle's radiator may leak suddenly, rendering the vehicle stranded on the side of the road. share. I'm afraid the leak is too slow for a pressure test to show anything. 6. Hello everybody, In the last few months I've been noticing that my coolant seemingly disappears without any logical explanation. You may notice that coolant has collected on the ground under your car or that your reservoir tank is not as high as it should be. Jan 19, 2019 · Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. 4 that is driving me crazy with a coolant leak and am hoping that someone can give a little direction on this. The first kind of leak will be obvious and can be easily detected while the second kind of leak will be noticed as the coolant level low warning light will come on while the coolant level slowly drops down over time as you continually add coolant. One telltale sign of a soon-to-be-faulty water pump is a noticeable coolant leak toward the A slow leak over time will cause a bunch of gunk to build up around the . The leak appears to be coming from the front of the engine, around the timing chain cover area. 4 Jun 2012 Driving with insufficient coolant will quickly cause the engine to overheat and seize. Print. As the metal cools it shrinks but the coolant is still hot and under pressure. Check the radiator when the coolant disappears without any trace. Appears to be coming from a Valve-like part on Passenger-side Firewall, so Heating System part? Need to replace, I am guessing, but can't find this Part Name/Number. I suspect its blowing through the overflow/radiator cap. On Saturday I had about 2 cups of coolant on the floor of the garage. Likewise, an underinflated tire due to neglect or a slow leak  23 Dec 2017 Same - dealer can't find, no visable leaks or drips and doesn't show on a pressure test. Car shit down due to extreme temperature, and motor started smoking from coolant leaking on hot motor. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 1999 Ranger XLT are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. I have a coolant leak above my passenger side wheel. Anybody know if there are any known leaky spots on the M271 setup? (130,000 kms) Thanks Oberoi Jun 23, 2018 · Engine coolant level may be very low. Apr 28, 2010 · Lately my 97 Sierra has developed a coolant leak. Common leakage issues could be due to an external leak (hoses, gaskets, radiator, etc. The normal level of the coolant is LOW when the engine is cold. email. If the car has plenty of coolant, the heater works well, the coolant looks clean, there are no noises coming from the water pump or pulley, and revving the engine brings down the coolant Nov 29, 2016 · Yesterday while driving on highway around 70-80mph, there is this bing-bong sound and a message about coolant flashes up on the display - didn't get a chance to read the whole thing. The engine temperature never reaches over 200 (I dont drive too far), but I can s Dec 22, 2017 · 2017 Silverado and Sierra models equipped with the 6. 2002 WRX Slow Coolant Leak Factory 2. Depending on the severity of the leak, the area can be sealed or the entire radiator  15 Oct 2016 If you drive even for a short time without enough coolant, your engine can seize or die altogether. Oct 26, 2011 · The leak used to only happen very slowly on my normal commute (about 200 miles a week) but it used to be a lot worse on longer runs (400 miles in a day). A pressure test can help determine where the leak is coming from. The coolant system of the car does not need constant refilling. As with other vehicles manufactured overseas, clogs can easily form in the cooling tubes of Subaru radiators due to very thin cross-sections. My low coolant light came on while towing a fifth wheel this weekend. These can be categorized into three different causes: external leaks, radiator cap leaks, and internal leaks. I am currently in the process of replacing the timing chain cover gasket along with all the other ones that sit on top of it. That coolant loss issue worked itself out when I replaced a sticking thermostat that had no visible signs of leaking. ), leakage to the vehicle interior, an internal leak that is leaking coolant into the engine oil, an internal leak that is leaking coolant into a cylinder, combustion chamber Whenever a vehicle loses antifreeze, also known as coolant, the usual expectation leads the owner to check for evidence of leaks at all the coolant connections and components. This unique odor becomes an indication of a coolant leak issue. Subsequently the engine was overheating due to lack of fluid in the system. After adding coolant the car will go 200-300 miles before the coolant low warning comes on. You may also smell the sweet-ish odor of coolant when you get out of your car after driving it — this could indicate coolant leaking onto hot engine parts. If the radiator breaks down as a result of frozen coolant, this could have a knock-on effect with regard to the car’s interior heating, which would make it difficult to defrost the windshield and stay warm while driving around. Slow Coolant Leak. 0L It's just a constant stink that i can smell only as i walk past the engine after driving the car. The overflow tank is just about empty, so Im definately loosing some. Coolant gauge is reading 190 degrees and oil temp is reading about 212. only 44000 km on engine notice a very slow coolant leak (not visible) and have had pressure check both cold and hot. Coolant reservoir is empty even after refill the other day. Look for coolant trails leading down from the pump, or a kind of gelled coolant deposit around the outside. While driving 65 mph, the temperature gauge indicated that the vehicle was overheating. Repair wiring. Do NOT abuse your car by driving it with low coolant except in the worst sort of emergency. Not that that is where your leak is coming from — but a new one can spring there if oil continues dripping there. If the white smoke is exclusively from the exhaust pipe, a leaking cylinder head gasket would be a suspect. You probably have a small coolant leak that's dripping on the block, and by driving it every day, the block warms up and the coolant evaporates before making a puddle on the ground. If there is a leak in the engine bay and the oil enters the engine block, the coolant will get contaminated, causing a problem to the ECT sensor. If it's a radiator hose, the resulting shower of steam is frightening at best and  23 Jul 2019 You might notice coolant leaking under the vehicle. Big tip off - if the car is cold, and you have lots of pressure when you take off the reservoir cap its probably because of exhaust gases pressurizing the system. 2010 X. The radiator had been previously temporarily fixed with that stuff you put in that blocks the holes, but eventually it went again. never leaks when the truck is running, turn it off come back an hour later and coolant on the floor. Check for Coolant Leaks. Been there and done that with another vehicle. Coolant loss may indicate a poorly maintained cooling system, a system fault, or even a change in driving patterns. Leave the hood up. You can buy a coolant-leak detection dye kit at most auto parts stores. It seems to only leak after driving it on very hot days or putting a little stress (towing) on the engine. I didn't have time to find out where but my guess is the water pump. Jan 08, 2014 · Look for the plate with a 5/8" or so tube coming out of it. Fix Oil Leaks and Gasket Immediately. 6L Duramax diesel engine (RPO L5P) may display a Driver Information Center low coolant message or may show coolant consumption or a coolant leak. I have been told it is a slow leak from the intake gasket  If your leak is so small that a pressure test doesn't reveal it's location, try adding UV dye to your coolant and drive for a few hundred miles. Crowds show up at Minnesota offices for driving tests, licenses When there's white smoke, check first for coolant leak. Mine I am sure is a small leak as I can get a faint whiff of hot coolant smell while idling, say at a drive-thru. Oct 22, 2018 · Internal car coolant leaks do not produce a puddle of coolant right under the vehicle as what you would normally see in an external coolant leak. Had this same  Stop driving immediately if your vehicle begins to overheat. 1. I'm having a slow coolant leak with no external signs. The actual leak comes from failed FIPG on a 2 bolt flange where the pipe mates to the block near the front of the engine (under the intake). A coolant leak while the engine is running is likely in the water return hoses. Check under the vehicle: If you see a green or orange liquid under your engine on your garage floor, driveway or parking spot, this is likely a sign of a coolant leak. Visit a mechanic for hoses replacement and fixtures so that the appropriate coolant levels can be maintained. The vehicle was immediately taken to the closest dealer where the coolant was flushed and replaced. Cabin temperature wouldn’t be a significant issue in the summer, but it might be a major hindrance in the winter. This excess heat and friction can wear through the rubber unexpectedly, causing a blowout. I have just topped up, its been about 3/4 weeks (I know bit long in between checks) but have discovered the coolant was just below the minimum line, no warning lights came on though. The contact owns a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. If there is a leak , the added pressure will force out coolant when it is leaking. Slow Coolant leak could be a leaking head gasket, or cracked head, but could also be leak from the heater core, radiator, and/or water pump. Apr 30, 2006 · If the coolant leaked completely from your car, turning on the heater will do nothing. 3 to have coolant leaks haha but I woke up this morning and found a puddle if coolant under the front ofthe engine. 13 letter to dealers, Ford said mechanics should check the cars for coolant leaks, and if they find any concerns, they should make repairs that include hose replacements, a new valve and   If your car is leaking coolant, it will run normally until the coolant level gets too low. unless it is leaking coolant at a pretty decent rate. If engine coolant is pouring out from the radiator, you can temporarily stop the leak by using a radiator stop leak solution. Always slight smell of coolant after driving the car too. The vehicle can be standing still and in park, but with the engine running the fluids are still being pushed through Troubleshooting car radiator coolant loss and high temperature leaks If you only see steam rising over the hood when you've been driving in the rain or through puddles, it's probably just water that splashed on the engine or radiator steaming off. Since the car coolant system is effectively a closed network of passages, tubes, and hoses as well as larger components like the engine and the radiator, coolant leaks can occur anywhere in the closed system. If the leak was quite slow, it may have been okay. The reason it leaks so slow is as the engine gets hot, the metal expands (thermal expansion) and makes a seal, so no leak while the engine is running at normal operating temp. The coolant removes heat from the engine by transferring the heat through a series of coils. Therefore, the absence of the most common telltale sign of a coolant leak occurs. If I fill my reservoir while cool it slowly leaks out to about two inches below the add line and there will be that slow drip, once it hits that 2" point though it will stop. Apr 30, 2014 · The EGR cooler could leak coolant and go back into the intake through the EGR. What seems to be the problem? Oct 13, 2009 · Coolant leak somewhere in the front of the engine, dumping down onto the plastic pan under the front suspension. You can add the UV dye to your engine cooling system; Then drive your car for a few days to make sure the dye circulates through everything. com to no avail. Oct 11, 2018 · A 50/50 water/coolant blend delivers good protection at both high and low temperatures. . Looked around a little, and heard a hissing noise coming from the area of the thermostat housing. Areas Known for Leaking Coolant Common Antifreeze Leaks May 12, 2016 · I have a car trade with somebody and we are about 3 hours away. Recently I noticed that coolant is leaking. 9L) has a pretty decent coolant leak from the timing chain gasket. When you have a coolant leak we usually see antifreeze underneath the automobile when you leave the parking space. In many cases, the coolant can drip down on a hot part of the engine and evaporate before you can see it. [Note: Coolant is deadly if swallowed. Over that time I've noticed a very slow coolant loss in the reservoir. The Fix: Tighten or replace the belts. May 30, 2014 — 10:55pm Text size. Coolant Corrosion in the Radiator If your Subaru overheats out on freeways and while driving up hills, it’s likely due to a lack of coolant flow to the radiator. Obvious coolant leaks can usually be found in the form of puddles left on the pavement. Also, since you already have what looks like clean green coolant in there, don't mix it with pink VW coolant. Replace the cooling fan temp sensor. 5 years (about 21,000 miles of driving). Then check the radiator, hoses and water pump for seepage or leaks. These can leak for years undetected other than a very slow loss of coolant. Try to leave a sheet of cardboard under the car when parked and see if any coolant has dripped onto it. In most cases, a leak inside the car or truck stems from the core component in the heater, but coolant can also blow out as mist from the defroster. If you are losing coolant when the car is stood then you have an external leak. tweet. To stop the leak you must disassemble additional parts to replace the water pump such as a serpentine belt or cooling fan. thanks! You should also remember that the coolant system is going into the car’s cabin and it could leak from the heater core. Bring lots of water with you, keep your eyes on the temp guage, if you're driving more than say 15 mins pull over to check that you haven't lost too much. An antifreeze leak can occur through a hole in  19 Jan 2019 Learn how coolant loss happens, where to look for the leak, and what tests you can do maintained cooling system, a system fault, or even a change in driving patterns. That way, you can keep pouring in as much as possible until you detect the leaking point. Dec 29, 2017 · Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and seeking help with my truck. Been there, done that. Finally, we have the unique aroma of coolant burning on a warm engine. I tried to look under the manifold to see if I could find the leak but I couldn't get the proper angle. The low oil pressure issue start dropping gradually until now. Oil leaking on the driver side of the engine can cause any of the o-rings and other seals in that area to deteriorate and leak (including the one for the coolant flange). When the radiator in your car begins to malfunction, you may find yourself having issues with your car overheating. It leaks about a 1/2 cup of fluid , and then stops. You can often diagnose a leak from the heater core by the smell inside the car. If the leaks are not severe, you can put a stop leak on your radiator. Looked on top of the transmission, and saw coolant that was dripping down from that area. Check the floor mat and see if it’s dry or not. I can never see the leak while the car is Coolant leak on V6 driver side under intake I walked out of work today to find a big puddle under my car so I popped the hood and saw the top of my transmission was covered in coolant. A little coolant makes a Leaks from both bottom corners of the radiator when cool, once it heats up and is running I think the heat swells the gaskets enough to seal (or something). I do not have a pressure test unit personally, which might be the solution. Truck only has 91k on it so it Got to his house, left his house, as soon as I started driving back home, my CEL came on. It can be it takes days of regular driving until you see the dye—this indicates a slow leak. Any major loss of radiator fluid will likely cause your car to break down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Driving with a leaking head gasket can also cause further damage to your engine block or head. 16 Sep 2019 Most people don't check the fluid levels in their cars as often as they should. If the reservoir cracks or develops any small leaks it can cause the coolant it is storing to leak or evaporate at a slow rate. 0 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. In this case If your radiator is leaking, coolant will be lost and the engine will have the potential to overheat. When the thermostat starts to leak it begins slowly. It comes with everything you need to conduct the test. Remove the intercooler and pressure test it underwater. Took it to Cummins MidSouth and the replaced the EGR cooler, and pressure tested it and its not loos I own a 1995 bronco with 351m, had a slow coolant leak at thermostat and timing cover. I've tried finding the leak under the car using every trick i can think of including parking on top of a piece of an endroll, and no leaks at all. a lot of times you can notice a low howl on decel when it is failed also, which is the gases escaping the degas bottle. If this decrease in tire pressure occurs while you are driving, the tires will generate more heat than normal. Jan 05, 2018 · Therefore, another common symptom of coolant leak problems becomes the lack of heat. Was getting ready to change the gaskets and started noticing coolant around the lid on the coolant overflow bottle. It's unwise to drive your car after it overheats. Driving with a radiator leak is incredibly harmful to your vehicle.   If your engine overheats, it can cause significant damage to the block, heads and other components. 6  7 Oct 2012 Long story short my ST220 has a leak from the top of the hose that attaches to how far could I safely drive the car with not much in the way of coolant? Drive carefully but not too slow, keep the speed up but the revs low. You will need a pressure tester that pumps pressure through the radiator filler neck. So presently I just add coolant when the the light comes on. Coolant leaks can also happen inside your car. The most likely scenario is that you have one or more loose hose clamps, or something simple like that. The Fix: Refill the coolant to the proper level. There are many places around the engine bay where coolant/antifreeze can leak from, and any leaks are usually easy to find. After driving for a while, use a UV light to check for traces of the dye. The cooled air flows back into the engine to prevent it from overheating. Please help  Have you noticed an overflow coming from your coolant reservoir? Faulty water pumps slow or stop the flow of fluid through the cooling system. Hey guys, so i have a slow coolant leak, just hit 92k and about every 2 weeks i get the check coolant level warning . Low coolant that is topped off can cause overheating due to trapped air in the system. Engine temperature is cool on dashboard. The failure recurred. Engine's drive belts may be broken or slipping. So I've had a slow coolant leak over the last 3 months that I cannot pinpoint on my 2007 WRX. The only problem is that the other person's truck (a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5. Cold startup roughly 35 PSI, Warm Idle 0 psi, Warm driving 20 psi. My 2002 Volvo S60 has a coolant leak which I cannot find. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water flows around the engine during use, keeping it from overheating, so a leak can mean trouble. This will result in a low coolant level and decreased cooling of your engine. Aug 26, 2013 · A loss of coolant does mean that there is a leak in the system …. I changed the cap and it improved, but still causes a mist behind the coach. This can lead to a slow leak in the system. 25 May 2019 How to Tell If Your Vehicle Has an Antifreeze Leak luck and you have a a minor (slow) coolant leak and it's summer, you can likely drive for a  19 May 2010 Q I have a 2002 Olds Alero with the V6 engine. 6 Ecoboost) with about 25k on clock. After driving it enough to reach operating temp, I can smell coolant from the exterior of the truck. If you are driving down the road and  2 Feb 2018 If your car is leaking coolant, you'll want to get it checked out right away to save An engine failure while you're driving will usually result in a  Buy K-SEAL Coolant Leak Repair, ST5501 8oz, Multi-Purpose Formula Stops Shake vigorously, dump into coolant reservoir, take it for a 40-60 minute drive on After about 5 minutes a slower leak and the coolant was low in the reservoir  If you have leaking hosepipes, it could reduce the amount of coolant in the engine. The system stays pressurized - I can leave the car sit overnight, the next day take of the resevoir cap and there is lots of pressure released. The truck has a 5300 vortec motor with 862 heads. Wondering how that coupler works at the Slow Coolant Loss Originally Posted by ahmett yeah as long as there is still coolant above the min level and its not leaking too bad you can still drive the car just check it often until you get it sorted so you never end up driving with low coolant. It's usually a very slow leak and pressure testing doesn't necessarily make it leak enough to find easily. Aug 10, 2016 · Valve stems and cores (the tiny valve itself, inside the tube) with leaks also can be replaced. I checked it out and noticed coolant in my wheel well and along the side of the truck. Nov 20, 2012 · I just purchased a 2006 Zephyr. how can i tell if its the dreaded valley pan leak. Chances are, if the coolant tank is completely empty or you spot a drip or puddle on the ground, you've got a leak. He thinks the owner may have used a stop leak product. The steaming we're interested in here is steam that you can see coming from the cooling system: the radiator, the overflow reservoir, any of the hoses, the engine, even inside the passenger cabin in the case of heater core problems. Any common sources of leaks in this area? Thanks! My old A3 had a slow coolant leak for some time, it wasn't easy to see where from but it was minimal so I put up with it for a while. If you are having to add a half gallon of coolant after a trip then you have a leak. I'm losing coolant very slowly (about 500mls every 3 mths) - no engine or oil problems and a quick look has not shown where it might be leaking from. If the problem is not remedied immediately,  7 Mar 2019 It sounds strange but a car could be losing coolant but no leak. I cannot identify any hoses that look to have a leak or any coolant pools in/around the engine or radiator. I am driving a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium (1. With a slow leak, while the engine is hot, it will evaporate the leaking coolant off into the air, after the engine cools it will collect drain down to the lowest point and drip off. I'd make an appointment with the dealer and tell him you want him to pressurize your cooling system, keep the car overnight and check it for leaks. I have to refill the overflow reservoir once every month basically. 4 May 2016 However, if the coolant is low or empty, you may have a coolant leak. It only leaks after the engine has been shut off and not all the time. May 28, 2019 · If your car runs out of coolant on the road, you’ll likely experience the following: 1. The common trouble spots in the cooling system — the places where you should check for coolant leaks— are shown here. I had a fast leak once that happened whilst driving. The way radiator stop leak works is by sealing and preventing the leaks in your coolant system from becoming worse and causing your vehicle to break down. can it be burning through a head gaske … Some of the most common reasons for a car to leak coolant include a corroded radiator, a coolant hose that has developed a hole, or a water pump with a leaky gasket or worn out bearing seal. The process to find a coolant leak is really easy if you know how to do and have the right tools. As the coolant level in the radiator normally rises and falls with engine temperature, small changes or drops in the reservoir level are not unusual, however, a drastic drop is typically a sign of leakage. Ick. If you think there may be a leak, fill the coolant reservoir and check the level after several days of normal driving. Typically there is white smoke out of the exhaust with a blown head gasket, but for some reason even though I was going through a lot of coolant it didn't puff white smoke. The engine temperature never reaches over 200 (I dont drive too far), but I can s Nov 15, 2010 · Well the leak will only get worse and eventually the coolant will get into the bearings of the water pump and then it will lock up or fly apart. For example, a coolant leak could have any of these causes: Whatever the cause, you need to address You pour the dye into the car coolant, and then you try to find the leak by using an ultraviolet light. Today I filled it and after warming up fully the level went up to the overflow return. antifreeze system, defective components, or a rapid change is the driving style may contribute to this coolant disappearing. There was no indicator light telling me coolant was low. Once you shut off the car, the system quickly depressurizes due to the leak, and since it’s at the top of the radiator, you wouldn’t see coolant drips on the ground in the morning. The most common places for a leak is around Apr 13, 2012 · Ford focus 04 1. It WILL NOT suddenly overheat and die like these people suggest from a 15min drive. Damage to engine parts – If Jul 04, 2009 · Coolant leaks only when car is running. The coolant compartment is a clear square container through which the coolant liquid can be seen. Keep in mind, just for troubleshooting purposes, you can use water. Leaking pipes. When the engine reaches normal operating temperature, turn on the air conditioner (to increase the cooling load on the system) and/or take it for a short drive. If your head gasket is damaged enough to allow a leak, then the leaking water and pressure can erode the metal of your head and engine block at the leak point. When it does leak, sometimes it is a lot and sometimes it is just a little. I went for a drive and after a couple full-throttle accelerations the coolant low light came on. These conditions may be due to cooling system leaks or an improper coolant fill procedure. Got home, popped the hood, and saw some smoke. Coolant smells sweet and it makes everything sticky. It started full, but this weekend, for the first time, I added about 1 quart to the reserve tank to bring it back up. Look around the engine very well - pull off the cover plates on the bottom. I have had a coolant leak for about a year and the VW main dealer was unuble to locate it. About 6 months ago, thought I saw some dripping somewhere Nov 10, 2017 · A slow leak, however — say, from a bad head gasket — can also send enough coolant back through the exhaust system over time to clog your catalytic converter and contaminate the materials used inside of it until they are no longer effective. Look for spots that look like a dried up leak. Need some Help. Then the red engine coolant warning icon comes on and stays on. Any additional coolants will be lost through the overflow valve within a day of driving once the engine is hot. If it leaks with the engine off, you will be able to see where the coolant is falling onto the Low coolant will cause overheating and can cause stress on the water pump. Eventually the radiator and the reservoir will run dry and lead to the destruction of the engine. In all honesty. Anybody know if there are any known leaky spots on the M271 setup? (130,000 kms) Thanks Oberoi I have had a 2004 4. 2. Aug 05, 2017 · I have slow coolant leak on a 1987 Mustang GT, which has proved hard to locate. And if the leak is as slow as you say it is, the car may have to be observed for several hours in order to find it. I've seen multiple Legends leak coolant slowly from this fitting on the back of the driver's side cylinder head. _____ Re: Slow coolant leak Just took it to the mechanic and he said the leak is coming from the gasket between the timing cover and engine block. I top off the coolant resevoir with some dexcool and then can't duplicate the leak to locate it. If you are in an accident, and see coolant leaking out, it would probably be ok to drive the car maybe a quarter of a mile or so to get it off the highway at a safe spot, etc. Ok I didn't get a 7. Sometimes you can spot a leak when the cooling system is under pressure. Nov 29, 2016 · Been looking for leaks ever since I notice the coolant dropping - 9 months now. It can get a little weak and allow coolant to vent as you’re driving. Sep 16, 2019 · Sometimes a slow leak isn’t enough to make a puddle, but you’ll lose coolant over time. If you find a slow coolant leak, use BlueDevil Coolant Stop Leak to quickly and easily stop the leak and keep your car running coolant and to keep you from having to buy another jug of antifreeze! Dec 31, 2015 · If your radiator is leaking, coolant will be lost and the engine will have the potential to overheat. This has happened maybe 5 times now where I find the puddle, but the leaking has stopped. Oct 11, 2018 · Stop-leak products are meant for hairline imperfections and minuscule cracks, not the kind of leaks that result in a puddle beneath your vehicle or a coolant smell permeating your car. If you drive even for a short time without enough coolant, your engine can seize or die altogether. A small coolant return line on backside of motor was mis-crimped causing it to separate and coolant to leak onto motor while driving. I have no overheating issues. A small leak can quickly turn in to an expensive repair and a serious headache. You can have a cracked head or head gasket leaking that does not leak coolant into the oil, but burns it in the combustion chamber. Nov 10, 2010 · The object of doing one of these things is to lower the coolant pressure which will slow down the coolant leak. A blown head gasket can also allow coolant to leak to the outside of your engine and onto the ground. A slow leak over time will cause a bunch of gunk to build up around the pump. like a cup or two over 2 months. Its never anything much, a few drops on the driveway here and there, but nevertheless annoying. Coolant drips on to the engine and turns into superheated mist. i keep refilling and dont notice anything dripping or a leak. You always want to use the correct type of coolant in your vehicle. So, I had my expansion tank changed and my STOP Check Coolant warning light came on today on my way home so I called the AA out. Benjamin Jerew is an ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician with over a decade of experience in auto repair, maintenance, and diagnosis. I have been topping off the coolant at the rate of 1/2 gallon every 300 miles. Slow tire leak only when driving. The electric cooling fan may not be coming on. the exhaust gases fill the cooling system and force coolant out from underneath the cap.   Once it is low, there will not be enough coolant to keep your engine at the normal operating temperature and the engine will overheat. Adding Leak detection dye to the coolant can make a slow leak easier to find. 7L dakota (bought new) for a little over 1. The Fix: Repair or replace the cooling fan. Slow Coolant Loss Originally Posted by ahmett yeah as long as there is still coolant above the min level and its not leaking too bad you can still drive the car just check it often until you get it sorted so you never end up driving with low coolant. The small droplets evaporate on the hot engine. The oil sending unit has been replaced, oil pan was dropped, sludge removed, o ring for the pickup tube replaced. The dye makes the coolant leak stand out when exposed to the light. A clogged radiator system could be a problem too as it blocks the flow of the liquid. When the water pump seal fails it allows a leak from the pump's weep hole which is seen in the image below. The engine is leaking coolant. Check for cooling system leaks and other problems. Dashboard warning light or abnormal temperature gauge – The first sign 2. ford makes a oil cooler rebuild kit which we install instead of replacing the Make sure you are monitoring the coolant level in the radiator/reservoir. If your vehicle has been running hotter than usual, you may have a slow leak, as there is still enough  We hunted down car cooling system designers to find out what happens when cars overheat (it's not But don't keep driving. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 1999 Rangers with the 4. I just can not get it too spray coolant on the hood, engine ect while I'm watching it. I think I have a slow leak at the rear of the cylinder head. Especially if a car is a newer model, most people just assume  For instant panic, there's nothing like having a hose burst while you're driving. It is a much better option than constantly having to add water or coolant to your radiator. This leak can get on the exhaust crossover pipe and/or be "baked" by it. The reservoir line is a good start if it's a slow leak. It'll sludge and turn brown. In cases of leaking pipes, you will notice water droplets underneath pipes. Just one more place to check, these cars have a million places they can leak. Overheats when sitting in traffic, but normal when driving at normal speeds; Heater runs Slow coolant leaks can go unnoticed until your vehicle overheats. Most auto parts stores sell UV dye and light kits. Replace the worn out radiator cap. A main shaft seal is used to prevent coolant from leaking from the pump housing. This is thanks to its bright green or yellow colour, and its distinctive sweet odour. If it isn't leaking epically. I have taken the car several times to my trusted local mechanic/garage for other Apr 13, 2019 · Identify puddles of coolant below the car. Typically, in this case you would smell the coolant before you saw it. Just add water into the reservoir and since the coolant in your car is actually 'pouring' down, if you inspect closely, you should be able to easily detect exact origination point. If you don’t find anything when the engine is cold, you can drive your car for a bit and let it come up to temperature. Looked on CourtesyParts. When adding coolant while the truck was running, I noticed it leaking slowly down into my wheel well. Mar 01, 2017 · have 2012 ford f150 4x4 with 5 litre engine. Sep 23, 2014 · I'm having the same problem with a coolant leak near the radiator cap. (It will blow cold air) That works if your car is overheating and you HAVE coolant left. A coolant leak can be really hard to find. TOM: If your mechanic doesn't find an external leak, the coolant must be leaking INTO the engine through a blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block. Perform this test with the engine off and cool enough to remove the radiator cap. The water pump is the worst sometimes the impellor shaft aperture will start leaking due to the pump failing also there is a weep hole. Dec 29, 2017 · There isn't any odor of coolant under the hood or out the exhaust. A suddenly overheated engine is also another key tip-off that you may be facing a coolant leak. At least that's what it just did in the driveway. In this case If you suspect a leak, or have had to add coolant to the reservoir don’t wait to get it checked. As soon as I see the steam and smell the coolant it has stopped leaking. Nov 11, 2014 · Checking the sensor for a leak is simple, just open your hood and look down at your lower radiator hose, find the sensor and you can see coolant remnants originating from the sides of the sensor and you should see a pool of coolant under the hose onto your lower engine panel. Many drivers, who find a slow radiator coolant leak, will often decide just to add some fluid and leave it, with the intention of taking care of it at a later time. I have been told it is a slow leak from the intake gasket. Keep monitoring the coolant reservoir and make sure the reservoir does not run empty. Frequently find yourself caught in slow-moving traffic. It would probably be a small enough leak that you wouldn’t see clouds of steam. A suddenly overheated engine is also another key tip-off that you may be facing a coolant  6 Jan 2013 I have a coolant leak only when I run my heater in my 2003 Ford Taurus SES, I'll drive it around no leaking, O park it after driving it and using the  Had a significant leak from the heater core into driver's footwell. Haven't found anything yet. Sometimes the coolant can be collected on the ground under your car or your reservoir tank is not as high as it should be. The estimate of upwards of three hours depending upon experience in my opinion is a bit low. After driving for a while,   31 Dec 2015 Radiator leaks can be repaired by a professional mechanic. There are three most common cases of a coolant leak, and they all vary. Its rare, but some leaks, the pressure of the hot coolant system would help seal it, but it opens when there is no pressure when the coolant is cooled off and low pressure. While detecting a coolant leak can be difficult, there are a few places to immediately look. 5 Mar 2017 But if you drive a car with a low coolant level very gently, it might run all day If you are in an accident, and see coolant leaking out, it would probably be ok to If it is a slow leak and you keep topping it up before it gets too low, then pretty  8 Oct 2018 Can You Drive Leaking Coolant? the reservoir tank is not as high up as it usually is, these could be signs that your system has a slow leak. This could be evidence of a slow leak in your system. Apr 15, 2017 · Like any other kind of leak, slow leaks eventually decrease the tire's air pressure to dangerously low levels. Another sign of a leak would be if your vehicles engine suddenly overheats, sometimes there can even be a coolant smell if it is leaking. Whenever a vehicle loses antifreeze, also known as coolant, the usual expectation leads the owner to check for evidence of leaks at all the coolant connections and components. Jan 03, 2018 · In a Dec. Looks like is coming from behind or above the crank pulley. The leaking area will be fluorescent green in the dark under the black light. Look under your vehicle: Look under your vehicle in the morning to see if there’s any liquid on the ground below the under-the-hood area. Once the coolant cools, the leak stops again, so you have to look in that specific window. Jan 19, 2019 · May 19, 2010 · Q I have a 2002 Olds Alero with the V6 engine. What you will notice is that you are refilling the liquid coolant reservoir more frequently than you used to. I get a lot of questions about people that can’t locate their coolant leak. Jan 14, 2007 · The coolant leak is definitely coming from the front part of the engine. My mechanic recommended that I get the leak Oct 08, 2018 · If you have recently noticed an accumulation of coolant under your vehicle or that the reservoir tank is not as high up as it usually is, these could be signs that your system has a slow leak. Coolant Concentration. coolant being pushed out the degas bottle is a sign of egr cooler failure due to a restricted oil cooler. Leaks from the heater core usually result in the antifreeze running down the side of the heater or dripping onto the ground underneath the car. Ya, definitely sounds like a slow head gasket leak. Fiestas have "Is it safe to continue driving with low coolant as long as I continue to watch the temperature gauge? "No, the temp sensor reads coolant temperature, if the coolant gets low enough to be below the temp sensor, now the sensor is reading metal temperature of the area it is screwed into (usually cylinder head), by the time it reads too hot on the gauge the motor is toast. Mar 07, 2019 · The radiator cap can deteriorate over time, letting antifreeze slip through when you are driving. The Wipers are Slower than Usual. Any overheating can cause cracks or warping. Make sure you are monitoring the coolant level in the radiator/reservoir. Jan 05, 2010 · Golf gti coolant leak I have a 55 plate gti FSI DSG 2 litre turbo with 29000 miles on the clock. Not a good deal on a rear wheel drive car because the fan that is attached to the water pump will hit the radiator then you need a belt, water pump, fan, radiator, radiator shroud and god knows what else. Examine the heater core for a leak. At the moment though, and something to think about - I have a car that is losing coolant too. But, since replacing the cap, I still have the slow coolant leak. 3 Jan 2018 Ford says it will repair any coolant leaks that might be found in more than 200000 recalled vehicles that are at risk of catching fire. Aug 14, 2018 · When coolant leaking from bottom of car is witnessed, it could be because of the worn out hoses. Leak detection dye can also be added to the coolant itself to make a slow leak easier to find. Then (unrelated) the fan controller failed, leaving the Oct 22, 2018 · 3 Causes of Coolant Leaks. Elise 2003 std, Rover K engine It has a slow coolant leak, it was 1cm below min (when cold), topped it up to min, and after 70 miles, it was down to 1cm below min again (when cold). Leaks are a common issue in coolant systems. The heavy additive and media load in stop-leak can effectively seal tiny imperfections, perhaps even creating a soft “weld” to prevent coolant leaks, but they are not a replacement for necessary repairs. someplace. If you suspect that you have low engine coolant, stop the car and check underneath the hood. Radiator Hoses Hey guys, already solved the problem, but thought I would pass along my findings since every Jeep Patriots thread I found with a coolant leak issue, didn't have the original poster coming back and updating, so thought I'd do that. is there a way to tell without taking apart half of the motor? i dont see any signs of leakage anywhere else on or under the motor. The level is going down, but not onto the ground as far as I can see. 8 petrol 50k Seems I have a coolant leak. He has certifications in automation and control technology. You can use coolant system dye with a black light as well. Mar 22, 2008 · Fill the rad and park the car with newspaper underneath the engine compartment. Similar Threads - Slow tire leak. The radiator was still full when checked, but I had just filled the reservoir up yet again with more water before driving about 20 miles home. I spent an hour under the car, with it running, and couldn't get the problem to show. 2013 Slow oil loss? Taiyoko, Apr 24, 2020, in forum: Gen 3 Prius Care, Maintenance Jul 11, 2019 · Coolant/Antifreeze Of all the fluids to spring a leak beneath the bonnet, coolant/antifreeze is the easiest to identify. It is dangerous driving with low engine coolant as it will destroy engine components. The leaks may be small enough that they may not be obvious to the driver, however, over time they will cause the reservoir to empty out. You may even be able to smell the coolant leaking. A leak in the water-cooling system can be hard to trace - especially if it is internal, you may be able to drive home slowly by releasing the radiator cap to its first  Flowchart to diagnose radiator leaks and overheating problems If you only see steam rising over the hood when you've been driving in the rain or that's a little slow to open, or a thermostat in a cooling system that has air in it, so the  Auto cooling system repair shop in Lansing MI can fix any cooling system problem. Before checking for leaks wait until the engine is cool and then open the hood for inspection. OK i've noticed about every few months i lose a little coolant. Leak comes from two small hoses that connect a big hose above the engine. Coolant Levels Dropping Consistantly with NO STAIN ON DRIVEWAY 6 Answers Any trip I take over 20 miles my coolant light kicks on. Aug 21, 2010 · I have a 98 Cavalier Z24 with the 2. Touch the puddle with a finger, then smear it onto a blank white sheet of paper. Only other place coolant sees intake is the EGR cooler. Another cause of a coolant leak can be an overheated engine. If the slow leak is because the wheel isn’t fully seated against the tire, sometimes removing the Nov 29, 2016 · Been looking for leaks ever since I notice the coolant dropping - 9 months now. Also related to the running hot issue, it sounds like there is a fan in the ECU box (passenger side front of engine), not the radiator fan, that continues to run for about 20 mins after the car is turned off. 31 Dec 2015 Driving with a radiator leak is a dangerous operation, as it will very likely cause your engine to overheat. Automatic engine cut-off – If you drive a modern car, it will be fitted with an automatic engine 3. I've replaced the cap and suspect that the plastic top is to blame where it joins with the metal radiator. The result Replacing the radiator is recommended over applying a patch if the leak is found. 2001 cr-v. Also, the abnormal temperature gradients around the leak point can cause warping of the block and head. If you spot a puddle beneath your vehicle, there’s a chance that it may be the result of a coolant leak. Coolant leaks are a precursor to a major engine problem, and fixing them should be high-priority. My plan was to simply bring gallons and gallons of coolant and water and pull over on the side of the road frequently. Mar 13, 2018 · If the car is left overnight and you notice an orange or green (depending on the coolant you use) puddle on the ground, suspect the pump. driving with slow coolant leak

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