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26 Jan 2018 You stared at him for a moment, that's how he was going to start this? “Katsuki, now you're just being petty and dumb” As soon as the words left your mouth a hand slapped you across the cheek. What you did mind is when Albert decided to put his hand a little bit higher on your thigh. BNHA X reader Oneshots - Confession of jealousy ( Bakugou x Reader) See more Bakugou x Reader Genre: Crack, fluff, slight angst, Baku-having-feelings-and-being-soft (bc that’s totally a genre) Sequel to Bully (part 1) @popcornsalazar asked: So imagine Bakugou getting hit by a quirk that show his true emotions. katsuki bakugou x reader bakougo x reader bakougo x reader imagine x  10 Oct 2019 Trial and Error (Bakugou/Reader | Angst) | A/n: God I'm a slut for You won't, you would never—you loved him whether he hurt you or not,  31 Jul 2017 OOOOH THAT ONE ABOUT THE S/O GETTING HURT BY BAKUS QUIRK You were on of the few he could tolerate and respect as an equal,  10 Oct 2017 “And I'm fucking sorry, you shit!” he yelled before slamming the door to give you privacy. Gives you both all his support and love and it’s shy to voice it to the world (this sweet man) When you all sleep together, usually mirio will sleep in the middle with you and tamaki on his sides; Cause tamaki’s clingy when he sleeps too, he cuddles up to whoever closest; But mirio tends to spread out when he sleeps, like a starfish Opposites Attract (Fem!Bakugo X M!Reader) by TaranThyGod on DeviantArt Boku no hero academia X reader (Bakugo x reader) Steam Workshop :: Beardman's Bizarre Add-ons He sent you off to train with Endeavor, leaving little time for relaxation at home. You smiled and tapped his cheek. Which will make her hundred times more Bakugou x Reader x Midoriya. Bakugou, Todoroki And Midoriya with a s/o who’s hair floats around them when they get angry . He sees him as a threat and he has a kind of inferiority complex. Bakugou Katsuki, an arrogant, hot-headed, prideful boy who is possibly one of, if not the most insufferable person you’ve met. how Bakugo, Iida, and Todoroki would react to accidentally hurting their S/O during an argument? And so before you could say anything, he was out the door. Your expression quickly turns into a disappointed one and you look at him. Bakugou, on the other hand, had just about fucking had it. Sep 04, 2019 · Todoroki, Bakugou, Dabi x dombutsweet!reader. Request: A scenario of Shouto in a soulmate au where you and your soulmate share a tattoo and he shares his with his s/o but he doesn’t know and Momo draws on shouto’s tattoo so for the longest time he thought Momo was his soulmate which really hurts his s/o because she knows that he actually is purposefully ,, k. He slapped you when you were falling asleep. He was her the only person in her group that wasn’t an idiot, shared the same sense of humor as she and his hair looked like purple cotton candy. You brought the magazine near your face and then threw it on the coffee table in front of them. The two of you had quite the history, after all. And so, you avoid him. AJ. From now on, everytime his back hurts, he will come up to you since you gave such good massages. [mega angst warning]Why did she always let her anger get the better of her? Why'd she always make sure that when she suffered, it would be alone. This will not be an easy task, but we shall guide you in any way we can. He sucked you breasts, while you moaned at the painful pleasure. nobodyw8s4evr said: Can I request a Bakugou x Reader where the reader is small as heck and gets lost in the crowd a lot, much to their displeasure. Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou. Sometimes, you just stayed at his house over night. Every second he had outside of his classes and training was spent trying to hunt you down. but Either way, you were actively happy with your loving boyfriend and the way he supports you in every little thing you do, making you bubble up inside. So when one day, accidentally, he activates his quirk and hurts you, he is devastated. Ryan howls in triumph that her father is no longer. It hurt, the pressure had made it feel like he shot you, cum filling your mouth as you weakly pushed against naked, strong thigh. None of you knew exactly how it happened, but it did. ” “We are a couple. ” He tugged at her and, finally, she followed. Will thank you with tender kiss in your lips. Bakugou x reader x Todoroki that involves body switching. She winced again at the toxic words bouncing off the walls in her head, clenching her chest in pain and letting a soft whimper escape her trembling lips. — the only one who can hug you is him because he’s careful of the growing baby inside of you — he wants a girl so bad — just to he can go around and say “my girls” Bakugou Katsuki - Boku no Hero Academia - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board heroes {todoroki shouto x reader} Ever since her parents and brother were killed during a villain heist, (L/N) (Y/N) has been determined to become a hero for the past three years. Hello~ I’m okay, my mouth hurts like a bitch but it be like that sometimes ahaaaa and I think so? And I’m sorry your crush left you on read that’s really annoying, but try not to worry about him if he cant even bother texting you back “So, you’re a senior member?” he grinned at you, sure he was a few inches taller but it hardly seemed that way. If you’re awake , he’ll listen to you as you speak about your nightmare , while doing so he’ll play with your hair , relaxing a bit. + The crowd cheered louder and you noticed Bakugou show a slight smirk in admiration. A sense of balance must be enforced, and it has always been your responsibility to upkeep its stability …What? I never knew how to do that—I was quirkless! You were never quirkless. pairing: todoroki shouto x reader See, that’s what the app is perfect for. ’ You have to give him space for him to think about it. Bakugou then licked your neck, nibbling and giving you love-bites. He deserves it. He was still the same funny, overprotective and adorable brother you had always known. The first headcannon with Todoroki went down a treat, so I’m going to continue on with the other two requested characters (Bakugou & Kaminari). 8k . But when one is never able to convey his feelings, things can take quite a turn. With a big smile, you entered the dorm building. ” He said, a faint smile crossing over his scarred lips. he definitely understands that it’s normal. so is the pastel room he keeps you locked in like some sort of trophy , dolled up He watched you with dominating eyes, still angry from earlier and without warning his nails dug in as he slammed his cock in deep, your eyes widening and head slamming back against the wall he had you up against. This can be a girl + Todoroki, but still, guy + Todoroki is the only thing I think while I see this picture. Your hands were definitely shaking, although you had no clue as to why. Bakugou x Reader / BNHA fanfiction / Born in the slums of japan, into foster care she goes, aiming high to become a respected hero, but in the shitty school she goes to chances don't look so good. Warnings: Coarse language (I mean, it’s Bakugou), fluff, a bit of angst, trash writing Other: For mah good friend @lyz-fics who needs And right as you believe he's going to kill you as an act of revenge, he ends up sparing your life. 2) 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 bakugou + f3 👀 prompt F3: “forever and ever. Requested: By myself Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader Summary: As far as everyone could tell, you were friends with Bakugou. That's all. Like he is still an ass to everyone but with his big fat crush on Y/N. I just wanna see with the new arc that is approaching, what will happen when Bakugou finally realize that the best jeanist is no All you could focus on when you first met him was how damn rude he was, and you weren’t exactly focused on his looks until he was backing you into a wall and although mildly terrified all you could think about was him lifting you up against it and - “What the fuck are you thinking about?” Bakugou says harshly, and you feel hot, now. one time you got lost in a crowd while you were at a shopping mall together and because you’re so short, he couldn’t find you among the large group of people and got really scared and worried about you Manly Crush[Kirishima Eijirou X Male!Reader] A/N:@childofdarkness-taehyung,So sorry this was late I got caught up on things!Anyhow,Enjoy! Kirishima was in awe. " She did some bad dance moves at the end. You stood face to face with the explosive boy just then and clenched your fists. Notes: [18+] I gave you soft Dabi in “Troublesome,” so I thought I’d mix it up and give you a little rougher side to him in this fic. “It’s okay, Mina and Sero are probably going to join you in your failure,” you teased, earning yourself some glares from Sero and Mina. ©2017–2020 bakugou-jpg Theme by magnusthemes “Silence” [Kaminari x reader] Words: 2863. ‘You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him the truth. Kiss it Better: a Katsuki Bakugou x reader one shot. Next Chapter. katsuki bakugou bakugou katsuki x reader todoroki shouto todoroki shouto x reader iida  Izuku fumed completely unaware of how much his words hurt you. “Albert. He wasn’t a bully, but he liked to get on people’s nerves. [dabi x barista!reader] Genre:Fluff/ a smidge of angst Summary: Dabi is a regular at the coffee shop you work at. Even with one for all he lost track of you and felt his heart break from what he had said I knew Bakugou was jealous of my cousin but when he almost hit him it was the last straw. What do you mean? Who are you both? This has to be a dream. and also??? me like shouto??? you must be mistaken HAHA He ran away, then closed his eyes as he ran. You are Plus Ultra. He knew you were avoiding him and the thought genuinely hurt him. but Feb 13, 2020 - Explore jessicashrimphe's board "Bakugou Manga" on Pinterest. Th But he’ll try and keep himself awake until you do fall asleep “I’m right here baby, you’re safe from whatever fuckers might try to hurt you" bakugou bakugou x reader Mar 16, 2020 · You are rather socially introverted and read books but enjoy having company around you because it makes you feel happy to be considered. Especially the way he was looking at you was filled with trust. Just Say the Word (Young Remus Lupin x reader-- SMUT) A/N: OKAY so this is one of the first few times that i’ve attempted smut and i’m low key proud of it (??) like the ending got a little muddled but Mar 28, 2019 · filed under: #masterlist #x reader #tamaki x reader #Tamaki Amajiki #stain #stain x reader #tomura x reader #bnha #boku no hero #mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #Dabi #dabi x reader #yamada hizashi #Chizome Akaguro #uraraka ochako #chizome akaguro x reader #chizome x reader #tetsutetsu #katsuki bakugou #tsuyu asai #katsuki x reader Alpha!Tamaki Amajiki X Omega! reader [[MORE]] • Guess who was voted most likely to be an omega in grade school? • Your lucky alpha! • So when he presented (Late might I add), it shocked everyone. He didn't like her. So turns out it was a lot harder to use a quirk than you thought it would be. You scared him and got shocked. But best Jeanist might be dead. Izuku Midoriya is rouge omega running from his pack in attempt to esc… Romance Looking down at her, she seemed so small. When he’s in hospital: your BNHA boyfriend has come back from a mission, but has to stay in hospital because of injuries! Punishment Game: a Katsuki Bakugou x reader one shot. Sure, you didn’t write the letter and maybe you thought that Bakugo was going to reject you anyways even if you asked him out for real. My Hero Katsuki Bakugou - Dragon King!Katsuki x Princess!Reader(L) - Be My Queen - Wattpad anime and boku no hero academia image Read Hope from the story One Of A Kind- (Bakugou x Reader) by (Todoroki) with 125 reads. Why are you trying, Jaime Reyes? She is not interested at this moment. however he is also in love with her but goes on dates Lead Me Out Of The Dark [Bakugou x Reader]. So my friend I joke that Bakugou is black or mixed but specifically his mom is the black one bc he takes after her heavy but ever since the post of you saying Deku is black I can see it like my bby boy got the hair texture and the lips also let him pop off one time then everyone will know bc Inko raised a kind loving boy but also told him that when he needs too he can rock anyone’s shit no Bakugou x Reader: That’s my seat (part ½) Exiting the bathroom you quickly looked at Mina, that was sitting on the couch next to Yaoyorozu and Uraraka. When you started massaging him, boy melted with your touch. “You found me…huh?” You could only hear that before there was a distinct ringing in your ears, vision blurring as the villain became nothing but blue and purple blurs. Words: 2k. “Come on. Words: 1. lord be with me bc i wanna try to make this into a headcanons blog but ;-; i need practice so bear with me KATSUKI BAKUGOU — the moment he finds out he’s immediately overprotective of you — someone wants to hug you? nope, handshake. Paramedic! male crush x Injured! male reader Don’t ask my friend has been begging me for this, there’s no actual pay off and he bought me food so now I have to do it YAY! rip me “Dude if the reader Aizawa x hurt reader when you fall in love with a girl thousands of miles away from you and you both say each other initial when talking about who your crush is and then she says it’s funny that she lives thousands of miles away and then say the country you live in and how small it is and then you panic and send her a few memes and when she says she’s shooting her shot you say “oh what shots you shooting? is He has faith in you. It wasn't like the  17 Nov 2019 Acknowledgement (Bakugou x reader) “Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader Maybe it was his raspy voice as he deemed you seriously as one of his that the words Bakugou have said about you would ever hurt so much?. Fruits Basket: Chapter 3 of Stir It Up (Kyo x OC) Yuki x Baker Reader [Bakugou x Reader]. However, you seemed to just disappear into thin air. Th But he’ll try and keep himself awake until you do fall asleep “I’m right here baby, you’re safe from whatever fuckers might try to hurt you" bakugou bakugou x reader Pairing: Kastuki Bakugou x F!Reader. Enjoy 🤗😊 Shinso was tired of having other students talking so negatively about his quirk behind his back. Summary: Kaminari comforts his “friend” who has a panick attack coffee and cupcakes. bakugou x reader katsuki x reader katsuki scenarios katsuki scenario  21 Jul 2018 You and Katsuki haven't been dating for that long; five months. You have a slapping war. that, and the heavy iron cuff locked around one thigh, a thick chain keeping you tethered to the bed. Either way, it hurt like a bitch. Anonymous said: I beg of you, I need me some Yandere Mirio x Reader x Yandere Bakugou. Previous Chapter. Nov 21, 2017 · (Angst? Angst. ・゜ ・. You become a bit concerned about his coffee drinking. Levi is a mafia boss and reader is just an innocent citizen and when the police finds out that he has a lover they try to use her to get to him, not realizing their mistake that he's going to give hell to everyone who dares to hurt his lover. 1) congrats on 800! i absolutely adore your writing in every way possible, and i can’t wait to see you hit more milestones. Bakugou was just like any of your other opponents, a hurdle between you and first place in the Festival. Either way, you were actively happy with your loving boyfriend and the way he supports you in every little thing you do, making you bubble up inside. Bakugou held you so the two of you were practically chest to chest. It’s you •Shouto Todoroki x Reader• Pairing: Shouto Todoroki x F!Reader. Part 2: No Matter Where Find part 1. Kirishima laughed and you looked at him. First, Bakugou’s quirk was an explosion one and since your hands began to get more sweaty than usual everything that you used exploded. He made no motion to wipe it away but to let it fall down his face as he held you close. An instant giveaway of how happy you were. You were only unaware of Chapter 5: Maybe He’s Innocent; Chapter 6: The Truth “Man, I really just bombed that exam,” Kaminari groaned, burying his face in his hands. He hated himself for not being at the hospital – bakugou’s probably ooc–. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works “Absolutely not,” Bakugo huffs, kicking his boots up on the glass table in front of him, “I will not be some brat’s babysitter. Th YOU ARE READING. To him you are the most precious thing in the world. You are close with Mina Ashido, but your close friend and crush is Katsuki Bakugou. 30 Jun 2019 You were his neighbor since he could remember, and for a time, he something angsty~ Something where the reader and Bakugou are in a  11 Jul 2017 he raged and stood up from the chair, tipping it backwards as it fell to the floor. “Sorry sirs, couples only. He wants to tell someone and that someone is Best Jeanist. But there was still a tiny bit of hope in there, you hoped that he would like you back. one time you got lost in a crowd while you were at a shopping mall together and because you’re so short, he couldn’t find you among the large group of people and got really scared and worried about you Well, Kei Tsukishima did, but the problem with that was he didn’t care about you. Kirishima is great at comforting and Either way, you were actively happy with your loving boyfriend and the way he supports you in every little thing you do, making you bubble up inside. • Vinny goes home with you for a night. You gasp shakily as he takes your hand and presses it to his face, right where he had hit you, and you stumble when you realize what he’s asking you to do. He sent you off to train with Endeavor, leaving little time for relaxation at home. I’m Here - Bakugou x Reader Bakugou gets hit by a quirk which causes him to live through his worst fear, losing you - angst/fluff Warnings: Mentions of death (no actual death), Panic Attack Your You sitting in the middle or while in the car and Bakugou is driving you sit in the front then you switch with Kirishima. You cradled your throbbing nose, each wave of pain sending a new trickle of blood forward. I know, a strange rivalry indeed But this is something this particular anon would love to experience reading - Apr 18, 2019 · Anonymous said: Bakugou x reader where his crush has a close guy friend from her old school, and bakugou just gets really jealous and angry everytime they bring him to tag along w habg outs. Deku wasn't &;i'alone in his journey and ' 7' ,Jfgwe are here to support ’j: you. She royally fucked up, all because she couldn't handle the fact. Make sure to get them in while you can~! Please enjoy!! BAKUGOU-Your ears are really sensitive-Both to touch and to sound-He’s gentle about your ears mainly because if he touched them or rubbed them too hard he’d end up hurting you a lot - “O-ow! Katsuki that hurts!” -He’ll retract his hands and curl his eyebrows up in worry His number one priority is to make you cum-If he doesn’t he’ll get really down on himself, the same thing goes if he accidentally hurts you. your quirk is Galaxy strand Read When he gives you a Nickname from the story Katsuki Bakugou Boyfriend scenarios [Bakugou x Reader] by DenkisPikachu (FrOzEn yOgUrT) with 7,438 reads. so fucking toxic. It had been one month since you returned to UA and everything was going well. Tw: cursing, domestic abuse, blood, verbal put downs, depression, self harm scars. But even so, he keeps his distance from you. Find images and videos about anime boy, bnha and katsuki bakugou on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. After always ‘bullying’ Midoriya when they were much younger, he started noticing Modoriya's strength. A/N: Ahh! Our first My Hero Academia request! I’m so excited to write for all our quirky children! Pairings: Katsuki Bakugou x reader, Shouto Todoroki x reader, Izuku Midoriya x reader. Request by Eli Nguyen"Hey Bakugou!" Uraraka ran up to the blonde enthusiastically. Woojin was a thing of the past, as he was busy training with his father, but he never changed when you saw him. The whole class is freaking out because they bakugou x reader period headcanons. His manager huffs, stepping forward, “Listen, your PR ratings are low. Dabi He bit you. Hey you stop scrolling for a moment I made this meme for you Al Life is tough but you are not alone. ・。. " He stood from his desk and threw his backpack over his A True Hero (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) Chapter 70: A New Perspective. Chapter 5: Maybe He’s Innocent; Chapter 6: The Truth “Man, I really just bombed that exam,” Kaminari groaned, burying his face in his hands. *Updates are irregular but there are updates every week* Quickly putting on his shoes he left his house and rushed over to you. a/n: huehuehuehue… this is my life so :) these will be hc cuz idk how I would be able to do this as a scenario and not want to die a bit on the inside. His warm palms cupped your breast while he bit your lips, also making you bleed. kats You started to walk away when he grabbed you hand and pulled you back into him. You had hurt him deeply and had seen how much it is 0bluewolf0 said: How about a fic with Bakugou x Male Reader where reader is passed out in between Bakugou's legs with his head on Bakugou's chest, with Bakugou just chillin on his phone or something, And if he’s with you, he knows he’ll figure it out. Reader ( I’ve been playing Harvest Moon so there could be a lot more Harbest Moon stuff coming :p ) Another Disney x BNHA ( haven’t decided which, picking between two) Hawks X Cellist Reader. Tags Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Anime Wikihow Bakugou Katsuki Bakugou My Hero Academia Bnha Bakugou X [mega angst warning]Why did she always let her anger get the better of her? Why'd she always make sure that when she suffered, it would be alone. To some, Todoroki might seem a tad bit standoffish around his child, but it’s honestly just because he’s a total dork and barely even knows the right way to go about things half the time (just spend time with your kid you dORK). and also??? me like shouto??? you must be mistaken HAHA He watched you with dominating eyes, still angry from earlier and without warning his nails dug in as he slammed his cock in deep, your eyes widening and head slamming back against the wall he had you up against. Bakugou x Reader Argument HCS (SFW & NSFW) Bakugou x Reader Argument HCS-This is part two of a request which I decided to separate out. that’s how i long i Anonymous said: i hope you’ll feel better soon! Fem reader is in love with her best friend (a character of your choice) but she doesn’t act on it. Can you do one of Bakugou where he meets a taller male transfer student who’s literally sunshine incarnate? Like they meet the he’s just being regular old angry intimidation Bakugou up in his face and transfer student justs straight up hoops the angry boi on the nose and is just like “Has anyone told you you kinda look like a Pomeranian?’ Bakugou: You get a phone call at 11:00PM from Kirishima saying that Bakugou has returned from his mission. Unaware of his motives, you attempt to understand Bakugou Katsuki more, only to truly understand the pain of living an immortal life. It just doesn’t help that you are a certified idiot with a skill in misplacing things. Shinso X Male!Reader Requested by @ride-the-bifrost . Sleep: headcannons for when s/o can’t sleep at a sleepover! Ouch, now that hurts. Bakugou wasn’t sure why he felt compelled to answer this strange girl, but he couldn’t talk about you to anyone else in case they decided to report you, so he decided to do it anyway. Chained To Him (3) Pairing: Dad Aizawa x Reader (Platonic), Dad Mic x Reader (Platonic), Bakugou x Reader Summary: Dads don’t want you to compete in the sports festival but you do. The way your eyes sparkled and your lips were constantly curled into a breathtaking smile. Bakugou x reader Fanfiction (y/n) is a shy girl who has a strange quirk she has always been friends with Bakugou but one day she moved to another school and they lost contact but what will happen when she gets into UA and Bakugou falls hard for her. You could tell Tamaki was hugging you from behind, arms wrapped loosely around your waist. Everything about you. Work studies have this poor girl devastated. It seemed like it had mostly calmed down by now, but you'd be lying if you said it didn't fucking hurt. ” “Okay pick one. In a blink of an eye, your were quickly stripped. –Mod Zap. Not the time…” You mumbled. Bakugou. Jan 26, 2018 · Jump - Izuku Midoriya X Reader { Katsuki Bakugou's point of view } Someone on Archive of Our Own said they would like to know Bakugou's thought process during this whole ordeal. bnha bakugo katsuki bnha katsuki x reader katsuki bakugou katsuki bakugou x you katsuki bakugou x reader katsuki x y/n katsuki x reader bakugou katsuki katsuki bakugo x reader ground zero idol!reader bhna fanfiction fanfiction female reader aged up boku no hero x reader mha bakugou bhna bakugou A Heart’s Assonance An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Originally posted by makethiscanon pairing(s) - todoroki shoto x male!reader warnings - MATURE, angst, brief mention of marijuana use, implied smut, unrequited love summary - {uni!au, friends w benefits trope} he can’t seem to get out of the habit of answering when you call, despite how much it hurts it was toxic. ・ ・゜・。. warnings: smut, limited kinks cuz i would die, and cursing. Bakugou hit you, he laid his hands on you and he did it of his own volition, you can’t forgive him for that. He’s very observant, something that you don’t really know. Bakugou looked up from his phone with an unimpressed look. “Like hell you’re going to tell that shit you’re single. ) How about a scenario where Bakugou finds out his ex s/o is seeing Kirishima? Like seeing them out on a date or smth and realized he was not at all over her? Or, if you want you could reverse it with Kirishima seeing his ex with Bakugou? Whatever u want, luv ya mods! Could request a scenario with Midoriya or Bakugou( you pick! ) and a male performer S/O that feels self conscious about himself and abilities as a performer? Thank you! Hey there! I hope I delivered Bakugou hc's for how he would treat his s/o after she had a bad day and the other way around? I found this so cute omg! I like imagining that Bakugou can and will be soft for their S/O if needed and hi um could i get uhhhhh,, deku x depressed reader if possible Deku is such a sweet boy and I love him thank you for this request I hope it's okay 😳 🌳Deku is no stranger to depression 🌳He still deals Then he would do small things like get you your food, claiming that he’s not doing it for you and making up an excuse about how you can’t do a single thing because of your swollen ankle. My face hurts. ” “Shut the hell up. The thing that hurts me the most is that, Bakugou knows his hero name. Call them names or do stuff to annoy them just to get a reaction. Kalamari . Image shared by Kim Sun. Used. Bakugou x Farmer. Fury and hurt swirled in your eyes that Bakugou could very clearly see and  22 Nov 2019 When you mentioned your feet hurt he was right there to rub said feet and cook you Title: ABO (A) Bakugo Katsuki x (O) Reader His Warmth. And Bakugou gets sick of losing them in a crowd and Ouch, now that hurts. To you, he just seemed jealous. The following morning after that day you still hadn’t He was fuming smoke from his ear. The girl just tried to kill a guy on the school roof and I was so confused. He was everything she hated and couldn’t stand but he was unbelievably pretty and he somehow made her heart skip a beat. The whole class is freaking out because they smashrising-smashtap said: Could i request a bakugou X reader (in any formant you like) where the reader gets really mad at him and instead of getting into a fight with him she just kind of Y/n finally falls asleep in Bakugou's arms feeling safe and comfort, he then carries her upstairs walking in the hallway seeing her father all knocked up and bruises all over his face, nose bleeding and a black eye. bakugou x reader“part two” summary: an unexpected visit from a certain ash blond at three in the morning ends up showing the both of you such strong feelings can’t be denied. One Shots: •Lemons allowed •Request anyone •X reader only Scenarios:  Read You get hurt (Combined) from the story BNHA *Boyfriend Scenarios* by Hi_C_Sky Fanfiction. Once bare he gently nudged you forward so that he could slip his large figure behind you. You weren’t vocal about your feelings towards him, at least not to his face, but he could still A single tear welled up in the eye of the villain carrying you. You just hug him from behind to try to make up your teasing. “Yeah, I guess- what are- what are these Kroloteans? Where are they from and what hurts them?” you said and the team filled you in, and Jaime sighed. "A few of us were going to hang out at the arcade today. He heard it all before growing up and no An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works You found the list at the bottom of your bag and started going through everything on it. 14 May 2018 You were always by his side, he needed to make sure you were safe. 5 Aug 2016 You didn't think that Bakugou would have the actual balls to ask you out. You wanna come show everyone your DDR moves. Kirishima x fem! Reader. Your excited smile quickly turns to a look of panic, once Kirishima informs you that he won’t be on his way home, because he was rushed straight to hospital due to injury. “ Shitty quirk?” you whispered to yourself, hurt from his choice of  15 Jul 2019 Request: could u write a bakugou x reader based off of the song crush His mind always wandered back to you, he wanted to know how it would by his teasing then he will immediately stop, he doesn't mean to hurt you in  30 Dec 2018 He was slowly realized that he hated your voice when you said those words, because they had been filled with hurt and hatred. bakugou katsuki Bakugou x reader bnha  15 May 2018 Answer: Bakugou Katsuki:• Ironically for the hothead,. And Bakugou gets sick of losing them in a crowd and Sassy: A Katsuki Bakugou x reader one shot. to look up at him regardless of how exhausted and hurt you were. I didn't watch any other episodes xD 13 Signs He Likes You - Bakugou x Reader Prologue. He towered over her which only made him feel more like a big brother to the little psycho. Waiting for you to calm down or at least you go back to sleep. He hated himself for leaving you. haha, I was chillin until I remembered that I actually wanted to get this out before the day was properly over so here you go!! Tamaki x gn!reader x Mirio ~~~~~ You woke up being hugged from both sides and gentle fingers tracing your skin. ☆ To be truthful, it’s very difficult to hide an injury from Bakugou. it’s for your own protection, as he’s told you time and time again. Bakugou POV I woke up to find y/n. And yet you couldn’t seem to leave him alone. Following a brief silence, Bakugou stood back up as you watched him wipe his eyes and begin to disrobe his tank top and sweatpants. ” “Okay,” You said. Hado Nejire. He enjoyed the breeze of running with the wind. Plot: Reader is abused by father and finally runs away just for Kirishima to find her and take her in. He curled his muscular arms around your middle, your back now comfortably pressed into his chest. Albert had placed his hand on your thigh, but you were used to him doing that when he was driving, so you didn’t mind. “Not this bad, no, but she’s always had a bad immune system. He hugged you for an hour as sorry. Katsuki knew that because he knew you. You may be the enemy right now, but you’re still mine,” he growled. Bakugou tch's as he walks past the old man's body and never looks back. Todoroki 23 Apr 2019 [bakugou x fem!reader]. Concept: After waking up one day in a different body they try to make it work and make it their mission to fix this. purposefully ,, k. He didn’t know why, but he always felt your presence when he was running with the wind. Bakugou doesn't hate Midoriya. You find Katsuki attractive when he is not a arrogant stuck up prick and when he–” • “Ah its okay!” may i rq hcs for bakugos s/o tht was on top of the class in both physical n mental (intelligence) aspects, but she gets involved in a villain fight n becomes quirkless. Your time together at middle school was short-lived yet it still impacted you a lot. uhhh she's leaving ua n is Originally posted by cesar-arcangelo _____ Pairing: Dabi x Reader Summary: You’re being stubborn and Dabi decides to remind you, exactly who you belong to. I don't want you to leave” he admitted “…but if I hurt you that much…what's the  8 Nov 2019 i needed to lose you to love me (Bakugou Katsuki X Reader) He hurt you, and it was something you couldn't quite just let go of, even though  15 Jul 2019 Dump His Ass (Bakugou Katsuki X Reader) Summary: You're used to your After all, Katsuki Bakugou was dating you; he was actually dating you. • Remi doesn’t want to bring it up at first because he doesn’t want to unnecessarily drudge up bad memories or emotions again, but at the end of your visit he pulls you aside, gives you an awkward side hug, and tells you he’s there if you need anything. You massaged him until your arms felt sore. Originally posted by aishitetsuro. if it weren’t for your gentle breathing, katsuki could almost pretend you were a doll. 16 ResultWarnings: yall bout to hate me 5 days had passed since you left and mysteriously disappeared. You are the hero of your own story and asking for help isn't a , weakness. Third, there’s Hitoshi Shinsou, from her freshman lab class. Like the ticking of a stop watch, Izuku Midoriyas heart froze in his chest as he stared at your out of breath form at his door. Pointing in Bakugou direction with one hand and another in Kirishima. As a treat. ”. "I wouldn't even if I was free. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Either way, you were actively happy with your loving boyfriend and the way he supports you in every little thing you do, making you bubble up inside. He’ll have you in the sweetest hugs , while rubbing your back in circles (yes please). “You know, Tomura, you’re a pretty good big bro. MIRAI [Bakugou x Reader Time Travel AU] Ch. He would sprint towards Y/N and hug them. — In a world where soulmates exist you can communicate yours with a brush of a pen. Bakugou X Injured Reader Requested by trashyiwaoi Hope you enjoy it hunny! Sorry for the long-ass wait, I hope it doesn't sound too rushed! Also, for the quirk, I got inspiration from this anime, that I can't remember. He showered you with small gifts every now and then, ranging from From the moment you left your apartment, you were engulfed in a world of hurt. It made him sad that he didn’t see you anymore, but he knew you were watching. he won’t get mad at you for it obvi. See more ideas about Manga, Buko no hero academia and My hero. co Anonymous said: If you don't mind, can you something with Dazai, Chuuya, Fyodor, and Fritzgard with a male S/O who is/was a hitman for another organization, and has a lot of trauma, leaving him almost An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works You found the list at the bottom of your bag and started going through everything on it. – popular memes on the site ifunny. He truly knows what he wants to be his hero name. Part 3 . the first time you got your period that he was made aware, he was kinda caught off guard. ” “Go ahead. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. It wasn’t as much in your words as it was in the way you were carrying yourself. Furrowing his brows , Bakugou scoffed and lifted you up in his arms, “Shut up, you'll make it. He looked at the classmate in front of him. His favorite position is missionary, mainly because he loves to see your facial expressions but if he’s feeling a little riskier he’ll put one or two of your legs up so he can really hit your g-spot. bakugou x reader he hurts you

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